Palo was founded for one simple reason: to create products that embody our passion for innovative design using only the most natural materials, wood. We strive to turn the finest wood into something sophisticated and stylish, while maintaining a distinctive edge.


We believe that art doesn’t have to hang in a museum, that high-end aesthetics can be a part of everyday life, and that one person’s style can say as much as a mammoth sculpture. Art does not stagnate and neither does Palo; we are constantly seeking out new ideas and exploring innovative techniques.


No two pairs of Palo wooden sunglasses are alike because each central frame is carved from a single piece of natural hardwood. Each set of frames showcases the natural look and feel of the wood and the individual craftsmanship of each design.


At Palo, we have a commitment to the environment and a social responsibility. Our sunglasses are made exclusively using sustainably grown harvested woods from carefully monitored plantations. We never use any materials extracted from rainforests.

Palo supports Youth Peace Embassadors.